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We at Memphis Mantra offers plethora of services to our member. Please look at some of the most used packages we have to offer for your business.

Direct Mailer

Targeted to Indians who are heavy online users, Memphis Mantra sends a bi-weekly electronic mailer and brousure to it's user, it is perfect place for reaching a wide audience for events, programs, sales and other community realated announcements.

Indian Cultural Events and Sponsorship

We have scores of internal pages on our site about Indian Culture. We have nationwide event information and we manage sponsorship for selected events.

Sponsoring Your Services

We have various services for our members. Many of these popular interactive services have their own standing amongst the visitors. Sponsoring such recognized sub-brands within us will have a notable impact for your organization.

Online ticketing

Targeted to Indian adults in US, net savvy, online transaction experienced, targeted to those who have transacted online using credit cards Captivates audience as the tickets of the events can be printed right on the machine, membership dues can be paid online and other product purchases can be done online.

Movies and Tickets

We are shortly introducing the Online Ticketer for Indian events and movies in North America. You can put up advertisements in prominent locations on the the local movies website, which is viewed by all the movie fans in your city.


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